Course Books about Engineering Physics, Math etc. [possibly in sale, too]

I can borrow the following course books, and we can also discuss about selling them.


A. L. Fetter & J. D. Walecka: Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua [BORROWED]

D. J. Griffiths: Introduction to Electrodynamics (3rd edition)

A. Hakola: Johdatus aineen rakenteeseen

A. Hakola: Kvanttifysiikan perusteet

H. Ibach & H. Lüth: Solid State Physics (4th edition) [BORROWED]

R. L. Liboff: Quantum Mechanics (4th edition)

M. Mansfield & Colm O'Sullivan: Understanding Physics


J. Pitkäranta: TKK:n laaja matematiikka 1-2 [BORROWED]


D. E. Kirk: Optimal Control Theory

Mellinin kaavakokoelmat [NEEDED FOR PERSONAL USE]

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