LG Fridge Freezer GBB59SWJZB (White) price can be adjusted

original price: 600
selling price: 200

LG fridge freezer used for less than two years is in very good condition. Bought from gigantti in September 2017. 10 years warranty. Please Pick up in Jämeräntaival Otaniemi before 31 July.

LG Freezer with High Usage Volume, Multi Air Flow and No Frost.

For more information check: https://www.gigantti.fi/product/kodinkoneet/jaakaappipakastimet/GBB59SWJZB/lg-jaakaappipakastin-gbb59swjzb-valkoinen

Net volume: 225/93 l
Multi Air Flow air circulation
Low noise

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