Gel manicure for €15!

Hi dear girls,

You have a unique opportunity to try gel manicure for just €15*. It holds for about 3 weeks, and I offer you a 1 week guarantee: if something goes wrong during the first 7 days, I will correct it for free.

The price is low, because I am still learning and need models for portfolio. However, you can trust me with your hands: they will be safe and beautiful. I am very careful and attentive, and my tools are always sterile clean. Ask me for more details about the tools and techniques I use.

You will definitely find something you like in my wide selection of polishes and decorative elements. Let's create your unique design together!

Please contact me to discuss possible times and what exactly you want to see on your nails.

Location: Matinkylä, Espoo

*This includes the manicure, gel polish coating (1-2 colors), simple design (like painting dots, attaching a couple of sequins or a crystal). Removing the old gel polish and making complex designs will be charged separately, because they take a lot of extra time. Ask me for details and we will figure out a good deal for you =)

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