Room in shared house in Kuurinniitty

One room in a shared house for rent. The house has about 178 m2 common area, the room is about 15 m2 + 4 m2 (walk-in closet).

Shared rooms are the garden, a large kitchen, a wash room, a wood heated sauna and two bathrooms. There is also a garage (45m2) where you can store bikes or skis.

Parking is possible in the yard.

There are four other tenants (all male), and the household is kept neat, but easy going.

The room is available any time, and the rent period is flexible. However, long-term rent periods are preferred.

In addition to rent price, there are few extra monthly costs:

540 € rent

10 € water

80 € electricity

20 € laundry machine

10 € parking

8 € Internet / WIFI

Total: 668 € / month

Ilmoitus luotu 10.07.2018