27-speed hybrid bike (Giant) +spike tyres + bleed kit

My 27-speed hybrid bike is for sale. Its size is appropriate at least for someone 183 cm tall.

I have used the bike a lot and thus parts which wear out are worn and two spokes are missing from the rear wheel (i.e. I recommend installing two new ones). The bike is in perfectly ridable condition but I lack the time to service it into perfect shape so instead I'm selling it cheap.


- gears: Shimano

- brakes: Magura hydraulic rim brakes

- suspension fork: RST

- suspension seatpost (which can be adjusted according to rider weight)

- front mudguard with a safety release feature (i.e. if something gets stuck between the mudguard and the wheel, it will release itself instead of letting you fly over the handlebar)

- bike computer: Shimano Flight Deck - old but with some rare features:

* Button placement is next to your right hand on the handlebar (see picture).

* The computer shows which gear you're in and uses the information to calculate cadence.

I'm including spike tyres so you'll manage in the winter and an unused Magura brake bleed kit (which you also should use soon).

If you're interested, I can also include a mirror and maybe some other useful bike parts as well.

Note: I don't have an insurance company approved lock to include but can sell you a basic wire lock for 5 € so that your new bike doesn't get stolen immediately.

Ilmoitus luotu 11.06.2018