Two single rooms are available nearby Sello

There is a 3-4h apartment available from Apr.1st,2018, nearby Sello, 91m2, with kitchen, toilet, bathroom, sauna, balcony etc. The apartment is equipped with furnitures, equipments for daily life.

Currently two bedrooms are available, one is 15m2, 450e/month, another is 17m2, 550e/month, the rent including water and electricity fees.

The apartment is near to 7-23 supermarket and bus stop, 1.4km to Leppävaara station. There are 202, 203, 207, 231,510 and 555 bus lines, which can access Aalto university of Technology directly. It's very convenient for living. If interested, please contact with 0442198668 or email:

Ilmoitus luotu 26.01.2018