47m2 Family apartment in Kilo from 18.Feb to 30.Apr 2018

The apartment is located in Kilonprotti 1 A 12, 4 min walk to Kilo train station, 2 min train to Sello, 15 min train to Helsinki center, 20 min to Otaniemi.

The apartment is 47.5m2, has one room and open kitchen,

Available from 18 Feb - 30th Apr, move in and out date is negotiable.

850 € per month is negotiable, including water, Internet, and electricity. Free laundry room and sauna also included. Deposit is 1000 €.

Note: If you live with children or have a car, please inform in advance.

If you are interested please contact me with pm or aichrislee@live.com

Thanks in advance.

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