Nice room in a communal house for rent

WHEN: From 1.2.2018 or 1.3. or between.

LOCATION: Kulosaari, 5 mins walk from metro. Metro will take you to Otaniemi in 20 mins. Kulosaari is a lushy island only 2.5 km from Kallio. It’s a “better” residential area with nice houses, and embassies. There is a beach and a public sauna nearby, also lot's of nature hikes to do. We have alepa only 200m from the house.

ROOM: It's light, cozy and c. 9 m^2. There is two warderobes in the room. There is enough space for a desk and 140 cm wide bed. The view is nice.

HOUSE: 1930’s built wooden house, around 220m^2 total space. Common areas are kitchen, spacious living room, 3 toilets, 2 bathrooms, sauna, laundry room, and some storages. We have a big garden with a terrace and a greenhouse. House is well equipped with all kind of kitchen machines, tv and sound system, tools, laundry machine, nice furnitures and so on.

PEOPLE: You’ll have 6 housemates, females and males, Finns and international aged between 26 to 38, students and working. Also two cats. Our hobbies vary between cycling, music playing, sauna, ug-techno parties, political activism, art, nerd stuff, kayaking, climbing and culinary. I think we are nice people, and we keep our living space tidy and peaceful.

ROOM: It is quite small and cozy, around 9m^2. There is enough space for a 140 cm wide bed and a table & chair or a drawer. There is 2 big cabinets in the room.

COMMUNAL STUFF: We have well organized, time and money saving system for food and cleaning. Basically we share our food and every house mate cooks one dinner per week. So you’ll have dinner made for you every day when you come home, but you have to cook it once a week. You can choose the day by yourself and you don’t have to make it every week if you are busy. Also of course you can have your private food, you just have to mark it. We order our groceries from internet. For cleaning we also have shifts, so you’ll have to clean part of the common areas every 3 or four weeks (it takes around 2 hours to do it). Also there is a communal car if you want to participate to that.

WHAT WE HOPE FROM YOU: Easy going, social person who can keep our house neat. Not allergic to cats, and willing to participate in our food system. Preferably a good cook ;) We hope that you could live here at least a year, maybe even longer.

PRICE: Rent is 410e. Utilities (heat, water, electricity, internet, commune stuff and waste disposal) are between 30e and 80e per month. Common food is between 50 to 100 euros per month, also it depends how many days you stay at the house. Food includes the shared dinners, all breakfasts, non alcoholic drinks and wide selection of snacks and whatever we buy together to our house.

CONTACT: @Muikkel in Telegram or We will show the house and interview the you during December.

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