A studio apartment (35,5m2) in Puotila, close to metro, 1.10-30.11

I am renting out my lovely studio apartment in Puotila for the period of October 1st-November 30th. The apartment is located in a calm neighborhood in Puotila, just 200 meters from the metro that takes you to the city center in less than 20 minutes. The rent 465,50€/month includes water, internet and electricity. If needed, I can leave some kitchenware, mattresses etc. for the subtenant’s use. The studio is on the 2th floor and has good size kitchen, balcony, large bathroom and alcove to be used as a bedroom. The apartment would also be perfect for a couple. The layout is like this one, only for studio https://campus.ayy.fi/apartment/apartmentTypeDe....

If you’re interest, contact me and I’m happy to answer your questions and let you to come see the apartment!

Tuuli Karppinen

Ilmoitus luotu 15.09.2013