Offering a studio apartment for AYY apartment exchange from 1.6. ->

Address: Otakaari 20 A 1
Rent: 440,25 e/month
Size: 38,3 m^2
Available: 1.6.2013

I'm willing to exchange my AYY studio flat to a cheaper AYY apartment, preferably a shared/cell apartment, since I want to cut down on rent. The apartment is in the ground floor with windows towards the Täffä building. The place is absolutely HUGE for a studio, the biggest rented for single applicants in Otaniemi. Take this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to queue dodge into a massive studio flat for the summer! The cheaper place you got to offer, the better chances to get this!

NOTE! THE STUDIO IS ONLY AVAILABLE BY AN INTERNAL AYY TENANT EXCHANGE! You need to be already living in an AYY place and we SWITCH the apartments, aka. I'm coming to yours.

Ja sama suomeksi, ISO asunto tarjolla AYY:n sisäiseen vaihtoon. Kesäksi tilaa vaikka pelata squashia sisällä!

Contact: Pauli Peltola, 0407737171,

Ilmoitus luotu 06.05.2013