Room available in Pohjois-Haaga

Hi all!

A room in Pohjois - Haaga is available from 01/06/2012 to 01/08/2012. The address is Ida Aalbergin tie 1C, 77. It is a single 10m2 room in a shared apartment. The room is fully furnished. The common area includes kitchen, living room, terrace and bathroom. There is also free laundry and sauna in the building block.

From the place, it takes 2 minutes to walk to the bus stop, 5 minutes to Alepa, 10 minutes to Prisma Kannelmaki. The bus trip takes about 20 minutes to the city center.

The other 2 flatmates are male.

The price is 239e per month, including all other fees.

If you are interested, please reply to this or send an email to

Thank you!

Ilmoitus luotu 04.05.2012