18m2 well-equipped student apartment for rent on Jämeräntaival with Student Union price.


I rent my student apartment on Jämeräntaival for the summer. The apartment is "cell-apartment" and the actual location is Jämeräntaival 5 A 152. It is really well-equipped: a writing desk, a bookshelf, an office chair, an armchair, a leather sofa, a bed, a TV-table and a bed-table... In addittion the walls are decorated with taste...

The apartment is one of the biggest in Otaniemi with are of around 18 m2. The rent is 272,60 € which is the same amount that the Student Union charges from me. The rent time is June-July so that you can start right away, but you would have to move at latest in 24.7. Therefore the rent of July would be only 24/31 *272,60 = 211,04 €

If you are interested, email me on sebastian.sillanpaa@aalto.fi and in instant occasions you can call +46765946241.

NOTE! The apartment will be rented only for people who value the equipment and knows how to behave himself in a way that it won't get broken.

Best regards,
Sebastian Sillanpää

Ilmoitus luotu 27.05.2011