Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

I am selling the award-winning Tropicfeel Shell backpack with a wardrobe system and a toiletry bag. All three parts are in black colour.

This backpack is highly versatile - transformable from a 22-litre capacity to 40 litres. The wardrobe system allows compressing the content to save 20% space. Toiletry bag can be detached from the backpack and hanged where needed. The backpack is waterproof and contains both waist and chest straps for more comfortable carrying.
Check it out in full detail here: . The package also contains a warranty that is not registered yet - so can be registered in your name.

Reason for selling: Does not fit my needs.

Condition: Excellent (almost new)

The new price for this package would be 299 EUR, I am offering it for 25% less.

Ilmoitus luotu 05.10.2021