Looking for participants for a Study

I am looking for participants for a study entitled “Prediction of vocal intensity category from speech” where we study classification of different intensity categories (soft, normal, loud, very loud) of speech. In the project, we record speech samples by asking volunteers to read isolated sentences and short paragraphs.
We will take the GDPR consent form from you; hence the personal information of the speaker will be confidential. The study will take approximately 45 minutes, and is conducted at Aalto campus, Otakaari 3. Our experiment has COVID precautions.
Participants will be compensated with 2 movies tickets worth of 20€.
You can reach me at manila.kodali@aalto.fi or through Telegram ID: @manila_miu, also through Marketplace messages for more details, if you would like to participate!
Manila Kodali

Ilmoitus luotu 07.06.2021