Various kitchenwares (Utensils, tools, kettles, etc.)

A bunch of spoons, small spoons, knives and small forks 10 € for everything, 0,5 €/piece

Bottle opener 3 €

2 plastic whisks 1€/piece

Plastic straining pasta scoop 3€

Grater 2€

Wooden potato masher 2€

Metal spatula 3€

Metal soup ladle 3€

2x white Big plates 2 €/piece

Measuring spoons FREE when you buy something

4x Quality Pints/Steins 3€/piece or whole set for 10€

Fabric Oven "mitts" 5€

Prices are negotiable and if you buy a lot of stuff we can make a combo discount happen.

Ilmoitus luotu 18.07.2020