Long-term renting out appartment

Apartment available near Niittykumpu metro station (about 5 min walk). Excellent transport connections. About 20 min to Helsinki centre by metro,10 min to Otaniemi. Really nice parks and forests nearby.

Available starting from 1.11 or later.

Space: 27 m^2, 1 room + 1 small kitchen + 1 wc/shower + basement space.

Rent: 690 e/month, no electricity included.

Rent security deposit: 2 months (i.e. 2 x 690 e = 1380 e).

Conditions: only for applicants having stable working condition and long term stay in Finland.

Contact for exhibition:

Petri Luukkonen,

phone: 045 224 4780

email: psluukko@gmail.com

Ilmoitus luotu 08.09.2018