2-way Flight HEL-Crete Norwegian Airlines (2 kpl)

We have booked a vacation to a beautiful Island of Greece "Crete" from 15-19 August however, unfortunately due to some personal issues we are unable to travel. So I am offering here two flight tickets for a couple who are willing to have their mini vacation in Crete. It is also possile to take only one ticket as well. Details are as below:

Norwegian Airlines flight

Helsinki-Chania / 15 August 2018 / Dep: 7:05 AM/ Arr: 11:00 AM

Chania-Helsinki / 19 August 2018 / Dep: 10:45 AM / Arr: 14:50 PM

Original Ticket price was 438.72 Euros ( for 2 passengers). However, I am asking for only 350 Euros. The name change cost is 55 euros per person so you have to add 110 euros to the price. So the total cost for you will be only 460 euros which is about 80 euros cheaper than the current price.

If you are interested please write me or give me a call. +358504205834

PS: I also have booked a cheap (235 euros for 4 nights for 2 people) Airbnb so it can be a full package.

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