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On tullut tilattua tätä ihanaa tietojulkaisua monena vuonna, mutta muutan pian Turkuun enkä tahdo raahata pinoa enää mukanani.

Kokonaisia vuosikertoja ei ole monta kun aina jokin numero jää jonnekin, mutta numeroita löytyy alla olevan listan mukaisesti. Myyn vuoden mukaisissa nipuissa etteivät mene ihan hajalleen! Tai sitten koko potin. Oletuksena kaikki lehdet myynnissä kerralla, ja jos joku ostaa osan niin päivitän ilmoitusta sen mukaan.

2017 (2 numeroa) 1 €

2016 (koko vuosikerta) 6 €

2015 (9 numeroa) 5 €

2011 (11 numeroa) 5 €

2010 (11 numeroa) 5 €

2009 (6 numeroa) 3 €

KAIKKI YHT. (51 lehteä) 20 €

Huom. Joskus lehden mukana tulee irrallinen juliste. Nämä ovat valitettavasti päässeet hukkumaan.

2017/3 Vikings. What You Don't Know About the Toughest Warriors Ever.

2017/2 The Birth of Booze. Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Alcohol.

2016/12 The Healing Power of Faith

2016/11 Mars. Race to the Red Planet.

2016/10 The New Europeans. How Waves of Immigrants are Reshaping a Continent.

2016/9 The End of Blindness. Winning the Fight to See.

2016/8 The DNA Revolution. With new ge-editing techniques, we can transform life–but should we?

2016/7 The Real CSI. The New Science of Solving Crime.

2016/6 Tomb Raiders. Looting the World's Ancient Treasures.

2016/5 Yellowstone. The Battle for the American West.

2016/4 The Photo Ark. One man's quest to document the world's animals, one picture at a time.

2016/3 Eat me. How ugly food can help feed the planet.

2016/2 Under London. Discovering the City's Buried Past.

2016/1 Why we need wild.

2015/12 Mary. The Most Powerful Woman in the World.

2015/11 Cool it. The Climate Issue.

2015/10 Almost Human. A New Ancestor Shakes up our Family Tree.

2015/9 Ivory. A smuggled tusk. A hidden GPS chip. A crime story.

2015/8 Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican.

2015/7 Destination Pluto. First Look at the Dwarf Planet.

2015/6 Weed. The New Science of Marijuana.

2015/5 Thinking like a dolphin. Understanding one of the smartest creatures on Earth.

2015/4 Hubble at 25. The space telescope's lead imaging scientist picks his top celestial views.

2011/11 Who Buried the Warriors' Gold? England's Medieval Mystery.

2011/10 The New Science of the Teenage Brain. (we're not as crazy as you think).

2011/9 Can We Fly?

2011/8 Making Robots Human.

2011/7 Searching for the Real Cleopatra.

2011/6 The Birth of Religion. The World's First Temple.

2011/5 Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

2011/4 The Genius of the Inca. New discoveries reveal how they forged a mighty empire.

2011/3 Designing the Perfect Pet. Can a fox become man's best friend?

2011/2 Under Paris.

2011/1 Population 7 Billion. How your world will change.

2010/12 The Search for King David. New Discoveries in the Holy Land.

2010/11 Mysteries of Great Migrations. What Guides Them Into the Unknown?

2010/10 Special Report. The Spill. Photos You Haven't Seen. Stories You Haven't Heard.

2010/9 King Tut's DNA. Unlocking Family Secrets.

2010/8 Bahamas Blue Holes. Dive Into Beauty, Danger, and Discovery.

2010/7 4 Million Year Old Woman.

2010/6 Greenland. Ground Zero for Global Warming.

2010/5 Mount St. Helens. New Life in the Blast Zone.

2010/4 Water. Our Thirsty World. A Special Issue.

2010/2 Hubble Renewed. The Telescope Sees More Clearly Than Ever.

2010/1 Merging Man and Machine. The Bionic Age.

2009/12 Are We Alone? Searching the Heavens for Another Earth.

2009/11 Egypt's Animal Mummies. Pets of the Pharaohs.

2009/8 The Tallest Trees. Redwoods.

2009/7 Angkor. Why an Ancient Civilization Collapsed.

2009/5 Ice Baby. Secrets of a Frozen Mammoth.

2009/4 The She-King of Egypt.

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