SUP board rentals, Espoo

Enjoy a fun workout in the water with a stand-up paddleboard! This is the newest, coolest, and funniest watersport, which is suitable for people of all ages.

I'm renting 1-2pcs inflatable SUP boards. The boards are made of drop stitch fabric.

It's very easy to rent the SUP boards:
-You'll get everything you need: the board, a paddle, a pump, a backpack, a safety leash, a slide-in center fin, and a waterproof phone case
- It's very easy to carry the board and accessories due to the backpack
- I'll advise how to use the SUP board
- pick-up and return will happen in Otaniemi

- 1 day: weekdays 30e, weekends 40e
- extra days: weekdays 25e, weekends 35e
Request an offer for longer rentals!

Board size: 315cm x 79cm x 15cm
Max. air pressure: 15psi
Max. payload: 140kg

Reservations: 044 325 3964 / Fernanda
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Listing created Jul 18, 2021