Exchange student looking for a room

Hi everyone,

I'm a 26 years old masters degree student from Germany looking for a place to live for the upcoming autumn semester (September 1st - December 31st) at Aalto University in Helsinki. My budget for the rent is around 600€/month and I am looking for a furnished room in a shared apartement or a studio, preferbaly not too far away from the School of Science (20 - 30 minutes with public transportation).

For the last two years I have been living in a shared apartment with two other people, so I do have some experience in living with others. I'm responsible and pro active. I like to keep my room tidy and clean and I'm never loud. My hobbies are sports, movies and experiencing new places. I also like participating in activities like cooking or just generally hanging out with my flatmates :)

You can also contact me via Email:

Listing created Aug 2, 2019